During these waning days of the Vancouver civic election, I took an afternoon pause to enjoy our wonderful city — and reflect on the decisions that have made it what it is.

Perhaps, too, we could all reflect on what Vancouver might have become had the city’s voters made different choices.

Note these things in the photo: mural full of colour and symbolism, family of 4 taking advantage of a new transportation choice, canvasser looking for people to talk to, and of course, the Arbutus Greenway itself.

Location is Arbutus Greenway at Broadway.

Mural by Lauren Brevner (@LaurenBrevner) and James Harry (@JamesHarryArt) with thanks to the City of Vancouver.


  1. There’s a Ted Talk on the electoral process by Brett Hennig, who wrote the book: the End of Politicians. He calls the current “democratic” process flawed. That’s an understatement.
    It’s repellent.

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