Price Tags has never had much nice to say about Yaletown Park –  found here.

Not when it opened in 2007: 

It’s a stretch to call it a park.  There’s hardly a living plant in the place.  The surface is either concrete or granite block, right up to the slender trunks of a handful of trees.  And just in case you miss the point, they’ve added blocks of stone that aren’t too far removed from Jersey barriers.

Not again in 2009:

On the whole, not what I would consider a successful public space, not for the cost.

There was a qualification: “perhaps the park will seem more inviting as the trees mature.”

And it’s true that hard-edged environments always benefit of some maturing landscape.  But the change in Yaletown Park wasn’t what I expected: it wasn’t the trees that greened up so much as the granite pavers beneath.



There’s enough of a grass carpet so that even the desire lines are apparent – those pathways created by people walking where they want across the landscape, regardless of where the designers intended.



Maybe this outcome is what the designers intended – a different kind of park for the urban environment, but still welcoming enough to attract children.

It takes patience for a place to mature, something landscape architects know better than their clients and the public.




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