It’s one thing to say that you are going to build a world-class separated bikeway facility on San Francisco’s Embarcadero, which has a scenic three-mile stretch along the waterfront. It’s another thing to get it implemented as development continues along this stretch, which of course attracts more vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

That has led to conflicts between users on this popular stretch of street, with the Embarcadero “now on the City’s High Injury Network”.  That ominous terminology refers to 6 per cent of the network of streets where 60 per cent of severe and fatal pedestrian injuries occur.

While the community waits for protected bike lanes and while bikes are legally permitted on the Embarcadero’s Promenade they are a source of conflict as the area becomes busier with pedestrians. And one cycling advocate took to twitter to point out that basic protected bike lane infrastructure does not need to be expensive and could be sourced and crowd funded.  Twitter bike advocate  @Brezina has taken a look at the elements that would be required to “finish” a separated bike lane and suggested simply crowd funding an interim solution~until the permanent separated bike lane is finally installed. Those parking curbs are $150.00 for an eight foot section, and those round concrete planters are $515.00 a pop.  No word yet how effective his campaign has been in stimulating the funding for a fully separated bike lane in this crucial location.

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