The podiums at the base of Vancouver House are massing in:


This might be a bit of a stretch, but the angular volumes as seen from under the Granville Bridge evoke the perspective of Haussmann’s Paris.


I took the picture above, by the way, after searching out the location where artist Gustave Caillebotte painted this iconic image – Paris Street; Rainy Day – in 1877 in Place de Dublin here.

Let’s see if there’s eventually a “Vancouver Street; Rainy Day.


  1. People actually buy condos under the bridge with its perpetual darkness, guaranteed bad air and 24×7 noise ? I am surprised this is actually allowed in Canada.

    Not quite what Haussmann had envisioned I guess ..

    1. I think the podiums are office space and retail.

      I see the connection to the Haussmann look.

      Other triangular sites will have a more “flatiron” look with taller buildings (i.e. Georgia & Pender)

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