HERE‘s another terrific job being done by HUB, the cycling advocacy group, on behalf of its members and all people who ride bikes in Metro Vancouver.

The stakes in this election are a bit higher than 2014, with one Vancouver mayoral candidate openly declaring hostility towards safe and effective infrastructure for people riding bikes.

With a large number of candidates in Vancouver, the results of this survey might help you to make choices for voting day.

Vote for Better Biking

The general local elections in British Columbia are on October 20, 2018.

Leading up to the municipal elections, we are asking all Metro Vancouver candidates to complete a brief survey about their position on cycling. Results from this survey will be published in early October.

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Results from the 2014 survey are HERE.


  1. One candidate will rip out some cycling infrastructure, but I’m pretty sure I saw an NPA position (nothing about this on the NPA website) saying they wouldn’t expand it. So we’re done? We’ve got all the cycling infrastucture we need? Not.

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