Any macchiatto tour of Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant hood must now begin (or end) at one of the most west coast of open-air patios — at 14th and Main.

Pavement-to-Plaza, a new video by the team of Brian and Kathleen of small places, shows how the new configuration at this popular intersection, in the midst of a busy stretch of high street stores and restaurants, is also fulfilling the demand for calmed public spaces, with safer passage for people on bike and foot.

Check out the video below — a head-bobber, for sure.

Background: this new, interim space expands on the parklet concept opened along the same south side of E 14th by coffee retailer JJ Bean in 2011, subsequently damaged beyond repair by a motor vehicle.

By that time, this”up-and-coming” area had blossomed into “the place to be”, thanks to a few dozen, firmly established locally-bred retailers. Such as the barber, the nail bar, the pet food store, the hippie bulk food shop, the burger joint, the independent liquor store, the juice shop, not to mention the long-time mini-mall resident, the local supermarket chain.

Mix in tens of thousands of Millennials and Gen X’ers — most jammed into single family homes and low-rises for kilometres in every direction — and you’ve got people wandering and biking around, looking for a casual public space to hang out.

Now they have one more place to go. For more about the project, a partnership with the Mount Pleasant BIA and Vancouver Mural Festival, see the City of Vancouver’s official project page.

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