Two candidates running in the October 20, 2018 Vancouver civic election have filed nomination papers for two positions each.

Apparently this is perfectly OK, given their choices.

The candidates and their choices are:

  • Gordon T. Kennedy:  Council and School Board
  • Kelly Alm:   Council and School Board

According to sources, a candidate can run for either Park or Council, but not both.  But can run for School along with Council, or School along with Park.  It’s something to do with separation of some bureaucratic domains of some sort. . .  or something.

Here’s a fun thought, though.  According to the “Candidate 101 Briefing” that city staff put on each year, the doubled-up estimated workload is pretty big:

Council+School:  60-95 hours per week

Presumably there’s a salary, too, for each position.

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