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“There was something about Vancouver’s abomination that stood out. Maybe it was the sad guy in the white shirt. Maybe it was the ugly jersey barrier. Maybe it was just the desolation,” wrote Gersh Kuntzman of Streetsblog.

The Pitt Meadows bus stop nominated as the “sorriest” in North America has won that dubious distinction. In a contest of online voting, the stop along the Lougheed Highway’s westbound lane, just before the Pitt River Bridge, got the most “support.”

The contest was put on by

How long will it take for shame to have an effect?  Or, since this location is the property of BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and this is about transit …



  1. Ah, the power of having a person in a photograph, that the viewer can identify with. Remove the lonely dude from the Lougheed photo, or add him to the Cincinnati photo, and Cincinnati wins hands down.

    1. Both “bus stops” feature a Jersey barrier that prospective passengers/victims must climb over. This almost guarantees that an errant vehicle from the traffic lane will scrape along the barrier, scraping the hapless victim into its grille. BUT..

    2. Lougheed has a moderately wide shoulder, next to (by definition) a rarely-occupied bus lane. Cincinnati has a shoulder barely half Lougheed’s width, next to a high speed lane carrying far more vehicles.

    3. Advantage, Cincinnati.

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