People riding bikes on bike lanes — an evil scourge to some (Ken Ohrn photo)

After a Vancouver civic election mayoral candidates meeting, we have a much clearer picture of where some candidates fall on the pro-bike spectrum.

The meeting was hosted by the Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners’ Association.

Good old bike lanes raised an emotionally-charged anti-bike audience response among the invitees from Shaughnessy Heights. As usual, this showed how the very concept of the bicycle as a legitimate mode of transportation is threatening to those with a deeply entrenched motordom-at-any-cost worldview.  And so provides now-rancid red meat for cynical politicians to throw to this shrinking base.

As to mayoral candidates’ views, we are once again grateful to Charlie Smith at the Georgia Straight.

Shauna Sylvester (Independent):

  • Cycling is Vancouver’s fastest-growing transportation mode; with 10% mode share for trips to work
  • More Vancouverites ride bikes than take the Expo line
  • Subsidization is largest for other modes, by far
  • She advocates reducing car dependency in favour of other modes
  • Bike lanes are necessary for life safety if you choose a bike for your trip
  • Ms. Sylvester wants to make sure the City has the resources and capacity for people to take the modes they want and need to use, including walking, cycling and transit
  • Ms. Sylvester is also on record as wanting to more than double Vancouver’s 2040 target for bike mode share to 25% from 12%.

Ken Sim (NPA):

  • No war on bikes due costs of bike lane removal
  • Not happy with 10th Ave hospital district lanes and Cambie Bridge west lane
  • Clear dog-whistling to cars-cars-cars as the NPA’s continuing transportation priority

David Chen (ProVancouver):

  • Remove bike lanes from arterials
  • Restrict bike lanes to “seasonal and hourly” use

Fred Harding (Vancouver First):

  • Restrict bike lanes to “seasonal and hourly” use

Wai Young (Coalition Vancouver):

  • She promises to take out Vancouver’s bike lanes.
  • Adopting an ancient tactic, Ms. Young repeated a ludicrous figure about Vancouver’s mode share for bikes (no facts please, whatever I say is always right)  #Waioff


  1. “Restrict bike lanes to “seasonal and hourly” use”

    Let me guess: No bike lanes during Rushhour or during the dark seasons, because why would you need protection from motorvehicles during those periods.

  2. This really helps make a decision and to rule out some candidates.
    David Chen and Fred Harding are now a “no”. What a bizarre idea they have with the seasonal thing. Are they really that out of touch with reality?
    They may be misguided or uneducated about transportation but Wai Young appears to be just plain dishonest. I really get the sense that’s she not sincere in her anti-bike stance.
    Ken Sim is not happy with two good and needed projects? He complained about pedestrian activated crosswalks? Seriously? He’s a “no”.
    This Sylvester is looking better all the time. I’d like to get more opinions on her from other sources though.

    What’s ironic is that Shaughnessy is a nice place to bike in for most of it. Low traffic volumes most of the time, wide pretty streets, etc.

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