Today’s the final day to get your name on the ballot for the 2018 Vancouver civic election.  So let’s look at the before-the-deadline figures, just to see who’s announced (or rumoured to be in the swirl) as against who makes the effort to submit papers and a deposit.  Those final names should be available after 4 pm today.

With thanks to Ian Bushfield for his marvelous spreadsheet:

  • Mayor     14  (7 parties plus 6 independents, including Rollergirl a.k.a. Angela Dawson, and the little-known BUDAY, Gölök Z)
  • Council    58 (9 parties plus 19 independents)

The mayoral count includes Katy Le Rougetel, who has already filed, and seems to have previously run for mayor of Calgary as a member of the Communist League.

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