Mayoral candidate or not?

Vision Vancouver councilor Andrea Reimer has published her decision about running for mayor in the October 20 civic election.

This comes after Vision’s nominated candidate Ian Campbell withdrew for reasons that remain unknown.

In THIS Facebook post, Ms. Reimer says no.

After very carefully weighing this decision, there is no question that it weighs towards running if taken simply on the merits of what’s best for the progressive policies I’ve championed for the better part of two decades. At the same time there are two candidates running who echo substantial parts of some of the policies I’ve championed and while lacking a party backing makes it harder for them, another candidate won’t help.

So my decision remains the same one I came to in early 2017 . . . . after spending my entire adult life in service to the public, I need to take some time away from service and particularly public life. It feels terrible to say that as I’ve always put the community’s interest first but I know in my heart that I can’t keep doing the work I’ve been doing without some time to recharge, so I won’t be running in this election.

In many ways it’s a shame to lose an energetic and experienced prospect for mayor, as evidenced by her succinct and thoughtful post (well worth a read).

Maybe when you’re done at Harvard, Ms. Reimer.

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