Ian Campbell. Photo Dan Toulgoet

In the wake of Ian Campbell’s unexpected withdrawal from the Vancouver 2018 civic election’s mayoral campaign, Vision Vancouver is considering all options, while putting on a brave face.  And a somewhat scattered face, as their opponent parties chortle in ill-disguised glee.

This is from a mass e-mail sent yesterday to me from Vision’s shell-shocked HQ:

Here’s what’s next.

All options are on the table for how we can elect every Vision candidate for Council, Park and School Board on October 20th.

Vision may still run a Mayoral candidate. Our internal polling numbers show that if the election was held today, it would be a neck and neck race between Vision and the NPA for Mayor.

Vision may endorse an independent for Mayor. But we know it’s very difficult for an independent to win. And we’d need to know how they would help elect our candidates, support Vision’s policies, and most importantly how they would defeat a well-resourced NPA.

The Vision campaign team is carefully considering all options.

Vision’s options:  endorse Sylvester or Stewart, nominate no candidate, nominate a new candidate.

Vision’s strength: their database of supporters, and the skills and means to stimulate turnout of those voters. This could be a difference-maker in a low-turnout election scenario.

Announcements, rumours and gossip:  in no particular order.

  • Currently-sitting Vision councilors Kerry Jang and Tim Stevenson have endorsed Kennedy Stewart for mayor.  They’re NDP supporters. Stewart is a former NDP MP. They’re all progressively attuned, so it’s all good.
  • Rumours persist that Vision plans to announce a replacement mayoral candidate.  Tick-tock everyone, nominations’ filing deadline is this Friday, September 14 at 4 pm, or else you don’t get on the ballot.  Don’t forget that deep background check.
  • Andrea Reimer, by some reports, may consider leaving Harvard U to pursue the mayor’s chair for Vision.  Ms. Reimer would make a terrific mayor. To me, new horizons are a better choice than a battered ship heading for a fractious council of mostly rookies.
  • Shauna Sylvester and Kennedy Stewart both say they’re not looking for a Vision endorsement. (Thanks to Frances Bula and Sunny Dhillon in the Globe and Mail)

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