Chief Ian Campbell has announced he is withdrawing from the Vancouver mayoral race.  No reason is forthcoming. The decision is supported by Vision Vancouver officials.

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Let the idle and ill-informed speculation about reasons begin:

  • A personal issue arising suddenly in his life
  • Pessimism as to his chances of winning as the “developer” label continues to attract growing negative vibes, and Sylvester looks strong
  • Reevaluation of the position of Mayor if it means wrangling a cats n’ dogs council, possibly divisive and ineffective

Winner List:

  • Shauna Sylvester and maybe Kennedy Stewart — now facing one less split of votes on the centre-left.

Loser List:

  • Vision Vancouver — no mayor possible
  • Vision Vancouver candidates — now leaderless, no Vision mayoral candidate to headline slate
  • Other mayoral candidates (see above),  look for one or more dropouts on the right
  • The indigenous community — losing a potentially high-profile figure

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