Aaron Cheng has been reading the Housing Vancouver Data Book, and adds more to the post below on the percent of family-size rental housing units

Although only a small proportion of Vancouver’s purpose-built rental stock built to date consists of 2 and 3 bedrooms, rental developments in recent years have delivered a higher percentage of these units, at least in part due to an emphasis made by the City to require more family housing.

Figure 1.1.10 on p. 16 illustrates that of the total 822 new market rental units approved from 2017-2018, 40% have been delivered as family-sized units with 30% two-bedroom and 10% three-bedroom units.



Of the total 1,702 social, supportive and co-operative housing units approved from 2017-2018, 26% have been delivered as two-bedroom and 15% have been delivered as three-bedroom units.


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