Curbed in New York reports on Graham Hill and his 350 square foot apartment for sale in New York City for 750,000 U.S. dollars. But this is not just any small apartment~Mr. Hill is the force behind Life Edited and had previously renovated a 420 square foot apartment that actually had a room that converted into a dining room with seating for twelve people. That apartment sold for 790,000 US. dollars.

You can view how that “bigger” apartment worked in the video here.


That $790,000 that Hill got for his first apartment did include $365,000 of bespoke furnishings including the Murphy bed and the dining table which folded.

The current apartment on its real estate listing notes that this unit was featured in Dwell magazine and is “one of the most widely published apartments in the world, and is a prototype for living simply with functional space making the apartment feel twice as big.

While espousing the “less is more” philosophy, Hill uses his apartments to detail items that contribute to happily living small. The latest unit actually has a guest bed for when company visits. Hill also has a well viewed TED talk which you can watch below.




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