My fave. I voted for this one

Finalists are ready for your vote after the 450 proposed designs are now whittled down to a nifty 6.  Learn more about the process and contest HERE and HERE.

I’m hoping for the best for my favourite (“Guard Bird”), but there are merits in practicality and aesthetics to all of the finalists.

Of 450 submissions, 30 shortlisted designs, and much deliberation, a jury panel has narrowed down the final 6 designs to be prototyped and available for testing!

Visit them and vote at:

Monday, August 13, 3pm to 7pm
Adanac and Vernon Plaza

Tuesday, August 14, 3pm to 7pm
Arbutus Greenway and 10th Ave

Wednesday, August 15, 3pm to 7pm
800 Robson St

Thursday, August 16, 11am to 2pm
Helena Gutteridge Plaza in front of City Hall


  1. My test for any bike rack is with an u-lock and a cable lock if:
    1. I can lock the front wheel, the frame, and the back wheel to the rack.
    2. The bike cannot slide down all the way or partially to the sidewalk where it may be damaged, especially the wheels, by passing cars, pedestrians, delivery carts, etc.
    3. The rack can accommodate all size wheels, as least from 16 inch up. As more 3 to 6 year old cyclist’s bikes are appearing at bike racks, they can be accommodated.
    4. Has some artistic merits.
    5. Fits into a liveable streetscape.
    Now, what about bike racks for recumbents, there-wheel bicycles and other mobility devices coming to the market.

  2. They’re all okay but going past nifty shapes to practicality, the “Living Leaf” one looks like it would be the best for holding two bikes at one time.
    The current upside-down U shape ones we have are good but sometimes depending on the bike that’s attached and how it’s attached it can be hard to get a second bike added.

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