The suburban experience is not what one would expect in a story about a visit to New York City. Let alone pristine beaches. There’s no ‘sub’ in New York, unless you mean the subway.

But Gordon Price has that knack for uncovering urban connections in the unlikeliest of places or, in this case, visiting a place we’ve heard about, think we know something about, but will probably never visit without a very specific reason.

Thus, we bring you Long Island — one-tenth the area of Vancouver Island, ten times the population. Long Island became a serious target of suburban development in 1883, with the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge, the first of many land-based connections to come. (Whereas Fire Island, picture above, is still the very picture of disconnectedness – ferry only, and fewer permanent residents than the Village of Belcarra).

Follow along below as Gordon unpacks some of the suburban story of Long Island. And check out the PT Instagram feed for extra bonus shots.


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