Back to the south side of the Fraser River where Mayor Lois Jackson and senior City of Delta staff are just back from a taxpayer-funded $40,000 junket to Ottawa to talk to those politicians about Delta’s demands for the Massey Bridge. Price Tags is sure that the mayor did not tell the Ottawa politicians that all the other Mayors of Metro Vancouver voted against a ten lane, overbuilt bridge at this site, which is in the wrong place and would further industrialize the Fraser River, which is also where the best farmland soils in Canada are also located.

There was no surprise when Mayor Jackson announced to the Delta Optimist that there “was hope for the bridge” and all that was needed was finding the funding that could  pony up the estimated 3.5 billion dollars for the bridge’s construction. And in reference to all those other naysayer Mayors within Metro Vancouver not wanting this behemoth in this location, it turns out that Delta represented that a “political situation” had stalled the bridge from being built.

The Ottawa politicians were tactful in their response, stating that “it is important to have dialogue” and to contact regional MP’s “who are good champions”. 

The Mayor of course tied the need for the bridge directly to the Port of Vancouver which has been considering an expansion. Unlike every other port in North America the Port of Vancouver does not operate 24 hours a day to prudently schedule deliveries through the Massey Tunnel at non peak hours. In Delta the port’s plan to expand to a controversial second terminal (which would eradicate the migratory feeding grounds of the western sand piper) is still being assessed.  The Federal Review Panel  is now seeking input on the project from community members.  Any  written responses can be sent before October 2 to this link.



  1. “and all that was needed was finding the funding that could pony up the estimated 3.5 billion dollars for the bridge’s construction.” I feel for Mayor Jackson, for I too am convinced that the only thing truly missing from my life is $3.5 billion dollars. That would really hit the spot.

  2. Good thing there is no longer $3.5 billion sitting around since we are now the owners of a $4.5 billion pipeline which even if it is built will be a stranded pipeline connecting the stranded tarsands to the abandoned tank farm in Burnaby.

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