With thanks to Hadyn Waters/CBC

It’s time for the latest in a most Vancouver-like unfolding epic saga:  the ever-mutating world of yoga.

The latest:   cannabis yoga (a.k.a. ganja yoga) for those who like it laid-back.  Where billion-dollar takeovers and gigantic emerging industries meet the ancient techniques while spawning cravings for chocolate and tortilla chips.

We’ve thoughtfully provided a short tour of the ever-expanding world of yoga, just in case cannabis yoga isn’t your thing.

In the beginning, there was yoga:  a way to strengthen the body and keep it flexible, while calming the mind.  A wonderful thing to do.

Then came yoga pants, cashing in, and the emergence of a billionaire-spawning business. Namely, Lululemon.

And hot yoga, promising benefits way beyond those obtainable from dumb old room temperature yoga. Even wearing the latest in yoga pants can’t make up for the heat factor.

Soon joined in trendiness by goat yoga, somehow stretching the mental benefits by reconnecting with an ancient realm of earthiness.  Not sure if yoga pants are a help or a hindrance here, especially if the goats are hungry for stretchy lycra.


For the adventurous — paddleboard yoga.  Perfect for those calm mornings in the rising summer sun.

Surely there are more permutations to come. Stay tuned.

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