Vancouver continues to repurpose public space for people.

More examples, this time from Davie Street in the city’s West End. One is private, and the others are part of a 3-year pilot study by VIVA Vancouver.

The study will test a number of things, including modular design elements and curbside patios that are away from the building. These measures will test innovative features to support a vibrant patio culture and make better use of public space.


  1. Finally some wisdom has been bestowed on those at city hall. More focus on the people of our city than cars. Make people get out of their cars and walk or ride a bike. Create a better environment by forcing people to rethink driving around adding to congestion and pollution. Bravo!

    1. I’d like to repurpose the space in front of our house with planters and grow vegetables instead of having neighbours use the space for their fleets of cars.

  2. Great to see such improvements on Davie but how were impacts on transit and its customers considered and mitigated? The Davie bus route is already brutally slow and the parklets block the curb lanes which, used to allow quick passage between the (too closely spaced) bus stops, at least in peak periods.

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