Colleen MacDonald has published a guide book to Metro Vancouver bike rides for “. . . families and people who like to stop and smell the roses”.

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“Let’s Go Biking” contains detailed maps of 84 routes in Metro Vancouver.

Let’s Go Biking ~ Book Launch & Bike Ride
Arbutus Greenway
Sunday July 29, 2018 •10am
details to follow

Colleen has biked every route. As well she has a team of 50 “proof riders” who have also cycled the routes, suggesting tweaks and changes before a route was added to the book.

While the routes are designed for cyclists of all ages and abilities, from flat scenic trails to city greenways to quiet country roads, they are categorized as easy, moderate or adventurous.

Easy routes are generally shorter in distance on trails, quiet country roads and side streets. Moderate routes are longer on more challenging trails or roads — may have hills or some shared road sections. And adventurous rides have more complex routes, longer distances or hills, and shared road sections.

With thanks to Jessica Kerr in the Vancouver Courier.

Pro Tip:  there are a few truly excellent photos in the book.


  1. Not to be too cynical, but every cycling post comes with photos of seaside pleasantness with blooming trees and smiling children .

    Cycling in Vancouver for the vast majority of people is not like that. We need to get real about what it’s like for actual people, not the tourism friendly snapshots in time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback – not cynical at all. We can definitely feature everyday urban/commuter cycling more often, and also beyond the city.

      Submissions welcome from all readers – tag @pricetags on Instagram and Twitter with your visual perspective, we might use it in a future post.

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