Candidates of various persuasions keep telling me that housing is the #1 issue for Vancouver in the 2018 civic election.

I suppose that various parts of the political spectrum will find ways to claim this issue for themselves. Crazy, I know, but maybe by coming up with policies and platforms that lead to solutions. (Well, maybe.)

Here, COPE lets us know just what they stand for, as we tiptoe deeper into the troll-infested topic of housing, rezoning, density, neighbourhoods — and brace ourselves for the blow-back from certain quarters.

COPE’s opening policy statement (below) seems like a stake in the far left of the political spectrum. And would you expect anything less from the party whose recent electoral slogan was “Tax the Rich”?

With thanks to COPE council candidate Derrick O’Keefe (@derrikokeefe)


  1. “troll-infested topic of housing”
    …. no truer words for this viper pit of vested interests.
    There will never be enough room for those who wish to live here. Anyone who thinks this hasn’t lived in other parts of Canada, or is pandering to voters.
    The most ludicrous writhing mass of bs is the real estate industry. If a virus suddenly eliminated 90% of brokerages and agents, who would notice.
    Traffic would be lighter.

  2. Maybe it is time to drop the COPE bomb on Vancouver again. Certainly it will take some strong medicine to cure us if what Vision Vancouver afflicted us with.

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