Current Vancouver City Councillor, and mayoral aspirant in the October civic election, Hector D. Bremner has announced the formation of the Yes Vancouver Party.

The paperwork’s done, but the web site and more will come next week. Meanwhile, the founding board members are profiled below.

Note the red-hot new hash tags you’ll need to follow:

  • #LetsFixHousing
  • #HectorForMayor
  • #HectorBremnerTeam

I may have to rush out and get some more computer whatzits to hold all of this stuff.

It’s not clear yet which, if any, of the former NPA “density bros” will join Mr. Bremner’s team in a run for office under the banner of YES Vancouver.

And, just for fun, the names of recent start-up political parties in Vancouver: YES Vancouver Party, ProVancouver, Coalition Vancouver, Sensible Vancouver, Independent Democratic Electoral Alliance Vancouver, Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver, Vancouver Citizen’s Voice, De-Growth Vancouver, Stop Party, Vancouver 1st, Cedar Party, Work Less Party, Dance Party Party, Nude Garden Party, Vancouver’s Interest Party.

Says Bremner:

I am really happy to share a bit of an update with everyone.

About 50 core supporters held a policy meeting last week, where we discussed our plans for fixing the housing crisis.

This week, our new party established our founding board, constitution and bylaws. Look for more information coming to our website next week.

These are the initial nine founding board members of our new “Yes Vancouver Party.” The board can appoint three more, but we left these three spots open to welcome people to join us after our official launch. Soon, the board will also be determining who will serve as President, Vice-President, and Secretary and other positions as it may determine.

I am very proud that these leaders have agreed to guide our new party.

This is just the beginning.



Kerry Gibson

Kerry Gibson is the President of EcoCentury Technologies, which is a socially directed developer and distributor of clean Technologies such as LED lighting and Hydrogen powered amphibious vehicles. Kerry serves on the Board of Directors of many Foundations and Organizations, along with building a scholarship fund for Women in Trades, creating accessibility through both policy and infrastructure, directs large scale economic development for social protection, fundraising/PR for various causes, building legislation, and mentoring youth around the world. She currently is focused on several collaborations that will address the SDGs both locally and globally using innovative solutions applying a business lens to philanthropy. Ms. Gibson speaks on global platforms including the UN addressing economic development, the promotion of equality for all, and has represented the private sector’s role in civil society. She has been named UN Women Planet 5050 Champion, the Canadian Ambassador for the United Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Campaign, a Canadian Global Goodwill Ambassador, and has recently received a Times of Canada award for Excellence in Innovation, a Shakti Award, and the 2018 Honour Award by the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organization.

Howard Grant

Howard was born and raised in the Musqueam community and is currently an elected council member of the Musqueam Indian Band. He is also the Executive Director of the First Nations Summit (FNS) which works to address issues related to Aboriginal Title, Rights and Treaty negotiations and other issues that affect the community. Previous positions include being the Executive Director of the Musqueam Indian Band and holding senior management positions with the federal government (Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada DIAND now AANDC).

Dak Molnar

Dak is the Managing Director of the Molnar Group. The Molnar Group has built 1500 Rental apartment units in B.C. in the last 10 years. Dak is directly involved in the Rental Construction side of the business and also runs the Commercial Shopping Centre division of the firm. Dak and his Family have been building rental housing in Vancouver and in British Columbia for over 40 years, and are passionate about getting the rental housing stock to the levels required to meet the demand of our growing city.

Eugene Hodgson

Eugene has worked with and held many senior positions in both the public and private sectors. He has served on multiple Boards and volunteered with various business and community associations including the Vancouver Board of Trade. Eugene has been involved in his community and been the chair of the Kitchener Elementary School PAC. He co-founded Families for School Seismic Safety, which has successfully lobbied for $1.8 billion in funding for seismic upgrades. He is the president of E.A. Hodgson & Associates.

Leah George-Wilson

Leah is a practicing lawyer at the Indigenous Law Group of Miller Tittered + Co where she predominantly works with First Nations in traditional governance. Leah is the former Chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation and was the first woman to serve in this position, which she held for 6 years. She is currently an elected Co-Chair of the First Nations Summit (FNS), a Director on the Land Advisory Board and an appointed member of the First Nations Health Council. She has acted as Director for the TWN Treaty, Lands and Resources Department from 2001-2010 and was also a Member of the TWN Negotiating team up until 2009.

Ricky Chibber

Rick Chhibber is a strong family man who is passionate about improving the life for his family and community in Vancouver. His background includes 14 years of experience in a large corporation which involved holding various managerial positions. Rick’s dream to run his own business came to fruition in 2006 and is currently President/Owner of two small businesses. His knowledge in residential development and Window distribution gives him the drive to lend his voice advocating for growth and advancement in Vancouver housing.

Tim Crowhurst

Tim Crowhurst is a former Immigration Appeal Judge, a longtime communications strategist born and raised in Vancouver, and one of the Founders of “Funcouver”. He is President of Sea Level Communications and has managed numerous publicly traded companies. He brings an intricate knowledge of public policy processes dating back from his time working for Cabinet Ministers on Parliament Hill.

Jocelyn Wong Wilson

Jocelyn is the Vice Presdent of Creative and Campaign Strategy at In Language Advertising. She is passionate about creative solutions to the problems they face. She is an experienced advertising executive who has worked for some of Canada’s biggest brands. Jocelyn leads projects across Canada and is skilled at helping clients develop and execute plans that involve communicating effectively across all languages and through events, online and traditional media.

Daniel Yoo

Daniel is a longtime professional in BCs tech industry and is currently a partner at Attain Solutions, who provide ERP application management, business process engineering and project management consulting for Public Sector, Health, Higher Education. Attain provides management and support across a widespread client base reaching across Whitehorse to Halifax and federal to municipal organizations. A Canadian-born second-generation Korean, Danny is interested in building a strong cultural, business, and spiritual foundation for advancing the identity and success of the next generation. Danny has been in the technology industry for over 18 years and is a Simon Fraser University alumnus.


  1. It will be an interesting race.

    Good to see a pro-density fiscally responsible guy running not these many socialist charlatans preaching affordable housing with no clue how to deliver it.

    Where’s the Uber debate btw ? It has completely disappeared off the radar why ?

    1. Okay, let’s start it. What’s your opinion of Uber? Would it be good to have it here? What would be the impact to traffic? To regular taxis? To transit?

      (Probably off topic for this article though.)

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