When deciding to build this attractive rental property, Strand Developments latched onto a site adjoining the good old Arbutus Greenway.

As with the City of Richmond, and elsewhere in Metro Vancouver, it seems transportation has become a decision-making factor with more than one dimension.

Strand’s building (15-page PDF) will be a six storey “boutique rental community of 48 homes” containing 3 studios, 20 1-BR, 15 2-BR, and 10 3-BR bedroom suites, to open in 2020.  Tellingly, it’s called “Kits Walk”.

Strand touts the location as being “highly connected to the city” by a variety of choices, including the upcoming Skytrain Broadway extension, the current B-line, bicycle and walking. All pointing to many transportation choices.

It certainly makes great sense, too, that the building is located close to Broadway, BC’s second-largest employment corridor. This potentially puts jobs close to home for at least some tenants, and reduces the length of their commute.

Site stats from Yamamoto Architecture show 32 parking places for motor vehicles (4 for electric vehicles) and 60 for bicycles — half having an electrical outlet. Several hints here about what Vancouver is, and what it’s becoming.

Kits Walk replaces an old motor vehicle repair shop.

It’s a good example of what density can look like, with 48 homes placed on ~10,900 sq. ft. (1011 sq.m., 0.25 acres) of land. It’s a good example of what Vancouver’s low-density neighbourhoods need to see a lot more of.


  1. This is good. The views from the top floors will be really nice. If it was me designing it though I’d have added a few changes to the building like a café on ground level with big patio facing the greenway and the entrance to the bike parking facing the greenway.

  2. Great forward thinking, nowadays more and more people are looking for all-around access between their jobs and home, to have the supermarket, hospital, banks, mall and downtown area close to where they live.

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