The City of Vancouver has reached a milestone in its bike rack design contest that seeks to find at least one new design for bike racks. Budding designers sent in 450 designs, and a jury has selected 30 for the shortlist.

To make the cut, the design had to meet strict criteria for practicality — and get the nod from the jury. A daunting task.

At the Shortlist Exhibition, you can review all 450, second-guess the jury, and vote for your fave design from the shortlisted 30. It’s well worth the effort, if only to see unbridled creativity applied to a (frankly) mundane object — a bike rack.

Location: City Lab, 511 West Broadway

  • Friday June 15, 12pm – 8pm
  • Saturday June 16, 10am – 3pm

Below are my 2 choices from the shortlist — plus a few pix from designs that caught my eye for some unknown reason.

A shortlisted rack with some ‘tude.

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