It’s hard to keep up with Vancouver’s swirl of entrants, parties, quotas and alliances in the 2018 civic election. So anything that helps to focus and identify front-runners is more than welcome.

We just hope that poll predictions don’t become self-fulfilling, by a de facto elimination process. 

Mario Canseco of Research Co. published public polling results for both party and mayoral rankings on June 14, 2018.

Party positivity is intriguing:

  • Greens 54%
  • Vision 31%
  • NPA 30%
  • COPE 28%
  • One City 17%
  • Coalition Vancouver 17%
  • ProVancouver 11%

With Adriane Carr declining to join the list of 8 candidates for Mayor, one wonders if she’ll pragmatically anoint someone with the coveted Royal Green Mojo.

The mayoral candidates’ popularity ranking is:

Who knows?   47%

For those having a preference   53%

  • Kennedy Stewart (Indep)  26%
  • Ken Sim (NPA)   23%
  • Ian Campbell (Vision)  18%
  • Hector Bremner (n/a)   10%
  • Shauna Sylvester (Indep)  9%
  • Patrick Condon (COPE)   8%
  • David Chen (ProVancouver)  4%
  • Wai Young (Coalition Vancouver)  3%

Allen Garr writes in the Tyee with further thoughts, in particular, on Councillor Raymond Louie’s decision to not run for council.

Vision’s days as a majority party may, in fact, be numbered. And one-party dominance of City Council along with it.


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