In April, Price Tags published a post on the UBC announcement regarding their desire to fund the remaining dollars — possibly up to $1 billion, depending on how you parse the extant project information floating in the ether (or who you know) — to bring the Millennium Line extension all the way to campus.

It remains our most-viewed post of 2018. It’s also our most-commented upon piece of all time. That’s 10,000+ posts over a dozen years.

So we decided to provide an update. Just one problem.

UBC is mum on any updates to their generous offer and unwilling to go on record with the media until details are sorted out with co-stakeholders, chief among them Translink and the City of Vancouver.

So there’s no way of knowing what the cost and the timeline may ultimately look like. But what about the rationale? It’s the reasons for a Skytrain extension in the first place that blew up our original post.

Here’s where we go to our new friend Uytae Lee of About Here. Uytae does these pretty slick, entertaining and informative explainer videos on urban planning issues, and they’re worth a good look.

This one about the Millennium Line extension clocks in at 5m30s, with the premise “why in the world would an extension end at Arbutus?” No, not for the Fletcher’s Fabricare, though it still has that killer ’50s mojo.

Uytae lays out all the data, and even tacks on the requisite UBC update at the end. Have a look:


  1. Cannot agee, uytai. It is now may 2020. So much has changrd — covid.

    The subway ti ybc is now 7 billion, not 3 b. The timefram to arbutus is 2027, not 2024.

    Please visit

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