1. I’ve been stuck at that crossing as well, sometimes for as long as 15 minutes. It is especially bad with north bound trains, which stop and go. Fortunately, there is a pedestrian overpass two blocks north with ramps, so you walk a bike up and over, as many do.

  2. As the time to cross there can really stretch, and not every Mobi rider knows about the pedestrian bridge or wants to add the time to use it, maybe Mobi could be asked to put a small docking station on either side of the crossing? Longer term solutions will have an underpass, or more likely a bridge over the tracks for bikes and pedestrians, but that’s likely to be some years away.

  3. I wonder if anyone’s ever tried to run the math on just paying CN to run shorter trains more often through that corridor rather than grade separation

    1. They’re already running fewer trains than they’d like to now.
      There needs to be a decision made regarding where the overpass that’ll replace Prior will go so they can get the thing made.

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