The NPA, a Vancouver civic party, is not doing well early in the run towards the region’s October 2018 election.  What with public reviews of mayoral candidate Glen Chernen, botched meeting notices and really bad campaign messaging.
BTW, he likes some bike lanes, so maybe there’s a glimmer of hope. But I guess this could change.

Let’s start with Mike Klassen, former NPA council candidate, reacting to Chernen’s ascendancy with decidedly unflattering terms:

Catch up on experience and qualifications with this Chernen bio, compiled from public sources, with thanks to 2018CivicElxnWatcher:

Jen St. Denis in StarMetro Vancouver looks for a platform or ideology in mayoral hopeful Glen (Muscle Cars) Chernen. “Something is rotten” will have to do for now, I suppose, along with:

Glen Chernen is convinced something is rotten at city hall and believes the only way to fix it is to become mayor.
The Dunbar resident, who says he hasn’t held a conventional job in 20 years but makes a living managing his own investments, has become increasingly absorbed with examining city land deals and what he believes are conflicts of interest. He now spends nearly all his time doing this, he told StarMetro in an interview on Wednesday.
“Somebody needs to go in there and start operating the city to the benefit of the public,” Chernen said.

From our Flimsy Organization department, the reasoning behind the NPA having postponed their mayoral candidate nomination meeting:

And finally, campaign messaging:   good old MVGA — yes, a Trump / Ford message, devoid of any content other than boosterism. Perfect for a mayoral hopeful who is, so far, devoid of ideology.

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