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    1. Hi Barry – Our IT support team said, “RSS should happen automatically”; the word ‘should’ references the apparently unavoidable margin of uncertainty that accompanies the process of migrating sites to third party hosts.
      Check our on May 30 and compare the homepage to your RSS Reader feed; please let us know if you see any issues.

      1. “the apparently unavoidable margin of uncertainty that accompanies the process of migrating sites to third party hosts.”
        As they say, “Been there, done that…”

  1. Dear Price Tags,
    I trust someone will read this and respond.
    It appears I subscribed April 30, 2017 via wordpress with the user name seniors connect.
    However, in following the instructions on this post, PT believes I am a new subscriber. Was not able to adjust frequency of posts. Wrote a lengthy comment about these issues, and requesting assistance from PT to resolve but PT / WP would not accept the post and I had to re-do my password, losing the text of the comment. I’ve been on this page for some time now and feel rather frustrated. I’m also concerned that if I am double subscribed I will receive double the number of posts daily which is already too many. Would you kindly review my subscription at your end, ensure if possible I have only one sub, and that my preference is changed from instantly to weekly, and I trust that does not mean I will receive a barrage of posts all at once every week. thank you for the excellent posts and for your assistance. LA

    1. Hi Laura – thank you for your comment, and apologies for both the delay in replying and your experience managing your subscription.
      I can confirm we have just one instance of your email in our Follower list; you will only receive one email at a time, per your notification preference. You can manage this via (after our May 29 migration to a third-party host we will have greater ability to help users with this); visit, and login to adjust your preferences.
      If you’re unable to login, enter your email in the box labelled “Manage Your Subscriptions”, and click “Request Details”.
      If you have any other questions or issues, please let us know.

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