From The Vancouver Sun:
The 2016 census shows the City of Vancouver contains 325,000 people who are non-immigrants and 262,000 “immigrants” (which includes those who are permanent residents).
Fifty-two per cent of the residents of the City of Vancouver are people of colour (including 167,000 ethnic Chinese, 37,000 South Asians and 36,000 Filipinos).
People of European descent total 297,000 and Aboriginals number 14,000.


  1. Hope it keeps working! Race doesn’t matter per se, but it is correlated with certain western liberal values I hope will persist. We’ve gotta make sure those values are passed on from the whites to the asians.
    Immigrants won’t instantly become liberal democrats with all associated ethics by breathing Canadian air. So far it has worked very well, probably because we have been selective with who we granted residency to (they are more educated than local born), but the relationship between social outcomes and demographic proportions may be non-linear.
    I write this from the Philippines. A bright and kind people, but like in many developing countries they are consigned to a political culture of open vote buying and clientelism. When they land in Canada, it will take some time to absorb and respect the cultures and behaviors that made Canada 18 times richer per capita than the Philippines. We must ensure that continues to happen, and I am optimistic it will, but let’s also not cavalierly assume it is inevitable.

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