Vancouver House from Lorne Brown Park, immediately adjacent.
This illustrates that, duh, the perceived height of a building depends on where you are. (Vancouver House is probably close to twice the height of the tower on the left.)


  1. What about “Vancouver House” that Daniel Sung built on the NW corner of Seymour and Robson in the mid-1990s? I believe there is still a plaque new the entry door that speaks to the naming of this building. Is this new BIG building appropriating that name?

    1. Good question Bob – I’ve also been thinking over the last few weeks, “Wait, don’t we already have a Vancouver House?” You’re correct (605 Robson), and here’s a blog post on this building, as part of an overall site history:
      As for the protocol on naming buildings, the city relatively recently developed a policy on civic-owned facilities:
      A quick web search in private building naming yields nothing, suggesting there *may* be nothing to preclude any owner from naming their building similarly. If readers know more about this, please let us know.

    1. Yup, that’s the other “twin” Granville “gateway” site.
      Not as slick as Vancouver House, but certainly more likely to remain upright after The BIG One (is there a pun in there?).
      I suspect that the stepped nature of the wiondows and mullions forming the “curves” is a nod to Vancouver House’s design, but could come across as being a cheap cop-out instead of graceful curved mullions that would require more customization.
      PS on tower naming, we also have 2 Shaw Towers and 2 TD Towers
      Shaw Tower (as in the cable company, at Burrard Landing)
      Shaw Tower (as in Sir Run Run Shaw, at Cathedral Place)
      Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower at Pacific Centre
      Bentall IV is also called the TD-Canada Trust Tower or TD Tower

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