After he was rejected by the NPA Board as a potential mayoral candidate, NPA City of Vancouver councilor Hector Bremner has given an interview to the Cambie Report.

My on-the-fly grab of topics and opinion follows.  Lots to read, especially between the lines.

Bremner Speaks (28:42)

Large-scale doo-doo-in-the-fan event. Bremner denied chance to compete for NPA mayoral nomination.

Board’s exercise of raw power, to override Green Light Committee.

Bremner speaks:

Concerted smear via many means; tar and feather effort
Anti-housing narrative evident in his opponents
With twice the number of members of anyone else (~2000), Bremner felt new energy pushing NPA forward, which has attracted new people to NPA. Now are frustrated.
Q: Paths forward: councilor, independent, new party?
Concerned about effect on newly energized people in politics. Doesn’t want abdication – look at what’s left behind if he and his followers abdicate.
Q: the #Lets FixHousing banner (Crook, Prieto). What’s up?
They’re frustrated and angry (lots of contact). They take politics seriously and want to improve lives, including their own. This doo-doo event hits them personally. Bremner remains hopeful. Cheap attacks and dirty politics won’t be the end of his commitment and that of his followers.
Q: join Vision?? Not likely.

Don’t underestimate this change to the political dynamic. Notes the by-election win as evidence. Raises housing as an issue. And this is his ground – presenting a clear solution. People are ignoring traditional party lines, looking for answers amid frustration. This election will see a profound shift.

Podcaster reaction:

Bremner isn’t done; he’s too calm.
He has run afoul of certain groups – attracted toxic messaging. Many practitioners are Chernen supporters.
Signs of simple answers for anger-raising problems (see Swanson & Bremner as change candidates)
NPA reaction to Bremner’s new membership vs. older land-owning membership
Call to NPA leaves feeling that NPA Board is uninterested in caller’s opinion (re: housing); little regard for the opinion of its members
Bremner rejection looks like a sleazy backroom deal. Non-transparent. Sure to attract a firestorm. Student-union-level politics.
Watch the froth and excitement in the next few days. And watch for more desertions from the ranks of under-50 NPA candidate hopefuls and members.