The NPA board has rejected Councilor Hector Bremner as their mayoral candidate, following his approval by NPA’s Green Light Committee. Speculation is that the NPA Board is stacked with Chernen supporters.
The cultural divide grows deeper and wider between Vancouver’s civic right and left parties, as a housing activist is denied a chance to run for Mayor under the NPA banner.
Bremner says he’s signed up over 2,000 NPA members in anticipation of the candidate vote. I wonder how they’re feeling today about their party’s rulers.
Statement from Bremner via Facebook post early this morning (May 8, 2018):

Back in August when I began this journey with the NPA, when our party had 78 members, we were all so excited with our momentum, our by-election win and chance to restore this great party to a leadership position at City Hall.
Tonight, unfortunately, was more clear evidence our board has been taken over by people with another agenda.
My team has tried to do the right thing at every step to keep moving forward in a positive direction, and signed up the most members to the NPA of all of the candidates, with over 2000 supporters.
Tonight the NPA Green Light Committee, mandated with screening candidates, recommended that my name move forward as one of the candidates for the mayoral nomination. I was looking forward to the debate, and the wide open democratic process.
The board rejected their advice.
A board that was stacked by one of the candidates, the same candidate whose supporters attacked me with false accusations that clearly the Green Light Committee rejected.
I will have more to say on this, as will the thousands of members we have signed up, our caucus, and all of the shocked members of the NPA tonight.
But, for tonight I would like to let this video speak to the lament many of us have for the democratic process. It was taken in December, when this board had removed a young volunteer, rightfully elected to the board in a shocking backroom deal.
Despite the treatment of this person, others and myself, I am proud of the commitment and humility of those who’ve stood tall in the face of all this.
Thank you to all the members of this party who have supported me and this movement.
We will Fix Vancouver.



  1. Well the NPA is certainly doing their best to march off a cliff. Reminds of their unseemly wrangling when they forced out Phillip Owen. Vision may yet rise from the dead.

  2. Sadly, the NPA has moved away from their roots of being a democratic organization and is still strongly controlled by the board who are not representing the wishes of their membership.
    It is sad to see that they are afraid of Bremner, so don’t want him to run. I can’t see how this helps them grow their support and will certainly hurt them.

    1. They could rebrand so easily too:
      ‘No Pedestrians Allowed’
      ‘Nice People Absent’
      ‘Not Particularly Able’
      ‘NIMBY Priorities Accepted’
      … and nobody would even notice!

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