Another shot of SkyTrain from MetroTower 3, with the extended station in the centre foreground.
As the landscaping matures, the original greenway in the right-of-way takes on a more important role, given the surrounding towers that now edge it — a necessary relief.
Note how the green flows into Burnaby’s Central Park, and how the residential setback on the left ends a block before the station.  The intent, I assume, is to distinguish the purely residential area to the west from the more mixed-use commercial blocks closest to the station.


    1. Or as I should have said…
      Metro Vancouver’s Office at Metro Tower 3 which is in the Metropolis at Metrotown Complex, in Burnaby which is in Metro Vancouver.

  1. That took me a very long time to figure out. Living in Europe for 6 years makes for a dizzying feeling when returning or looking at current photos.

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