Vancouver House is near its maximum height.  And it’s changing colour from the ground up.

As seen from Burrard Bridge. 

I remember the remarks of a resident of the south shore who opposed the loss of views as the new towers were going up in the Beach neighbourhood (between the Burrard and Granville bridges).
In particular, he was appalled at the height of James Cheng’s 888 Beach Ave, the white and green high-rise immediately left of Vancouver House.
“It’s as tall as the Black Tower,” he said, referring to the TD building on the southwest corner of Granville and Georgia. (That building holds a special place in the urban history of Vancouver. It was so reviled that a black tower has not since been built.  Maybe it’s the reason why we went to that pale green.)
In any event, the aforementioned resident was right.  It was one of the tallest condo towers at the time (1993), but few would have imagined that, a quarter century later, it would be overlooked by another looming tower.



  1. If you’re biking along 10th, look north as you cross Alder St. You’ll get a great view.

  2. A testament to the power of pre-sale marketing. The first 15 floors have their primary relationship with a noisy bridge on-ramp, and yet somehow the marketing people managed to sell that as a sculptural relationship with the “gateway to Vancouver.”

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