1. This building is spectacular in my opinion, and elevates (no pun intended) the quality and image of Vancouver’s rather homogeneous architecture. Your choice of the term “Looming” while technically accurate, also carries a negative connotation. Do you not like this tower? I’m simply curious.

    1. Descriptive, not judgmental. Turning out better than I expected so far. Another test will be the success of the pavilions edging the bridge.
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  2. Agreed that the word “looming” does have a negative connotation – but it does describe the overhanging geometry of the tower
    – like someone looking over your shoulder.

  3. That is a lot of mass hanging out into space above the foundations. You can do miracles with cantilevers, but this one probably gave the structural engineers (Glotman Simpson?) palpitations with respect to structural and seismic countermeasures. It would be interesting to hear the inside story here, if anyone has any info. Did the designers shift the core elevator mass to the opposite side of the cantilever to counterbalance it?

      1. Very impressive! Thanks, Guest.
        As I thought, the solid mass of the elevator core is shifted to oppose the cantilever. In addition there are post-tensioned floors (cables pulled taut within the concrete slabs) and post-tensioned vertical sheer walls with high-strength concrete and ductile steel over every opening in the walls. Still, the sway in a moderately strong earthquake will probably knock you off your feet in the upper storeys.

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