Shauna.SylvesterMayoral candidate Shauna Sylvester speaks to Jody Vance (20 minutes) on Roundhouse Radio, with a focus on re-invigorating citizen involvement in politics. This in the face of strong decline in people’s belief in democracy itself. Plus a careful distancing from Vision (like, so four years ago), backed by a claim to some level of connection with all civic parties including the NPA.
Another telling focus — being both independent and affiliated, with reference to the by-election vote-split problem.
Lots of chatter about bike lanes (the issue that won’t die) — Vance wants fewer separated lanes, so that there is no or little impediment to the personally all-important car traffic (keep the bikes on quiet neighbourhood side streets; far, far away from where the real people travel).  Sylvester is somewhat vague about specific locations — but is a supportive user of separated bike lanes, very aware of safety issues, very aware of the DVBIA community’s strong approval, and frustrated by the gaps.

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