Shauna Sylvester has announced her independent candidacy for mayor of Vancouver, according to Mike Howell in the Vancouver Courier, and Dan Fumano in PostMedia outlet the Vancouver Sun

Fumano interviews Sylvester on video:

Says Howell:   For several months, the so-called progressive parties in Vancouver — the Greens, COPE and OneCity — have been meeting to devise a strategy to foil the Non-Partisan Association’s plan to take back city hall.

. . . .  So is Sylvester that one candidate who can unite all of them?

It’s too early to say, was the common answer in interviews the Courier conducted with representatives from COPE, the Greens, OneCity and Vision prior to news breaking of Sylvester’s announcement.

Catherine Evans announces she’s seeking a Vision council nomination:

And Patrick Condon, possible mayoral candidate, talks housing affordability in the Tyee:

It may now be of value to take a similar approach, i.e. to tax land more heavily, using the proceeds to insure that decent housing exists for everyone who works in this city.

. . . Perhaps under our present circumstances it’s time to look further afield for models, like Vienna where over 60 per cent of housing is held outside of markets, or Singapore where the number is over 80 per cent.

. . .  We are enduring a tsunami of international capital which is being used to create speculative real estate values that are robbing us of the community we have collectively created. This uncontrolled, illogical and immoral speculative wave is forcing our sons and daughters to other lands to survive. A tax on land speculation, tried with success in other nations, is worth considering. No amount of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic will do. Vancouver real estate is a rigged game of monopoly with a few winners and a vast public body whose lives are severely diminished.

Find out more about Vienna’s housing model HERE and HERE.