Vision Vancouver has announced that the party will not run a candidate for Vancouver Mayor in the upcoming October civic election.   The party will endorse an independent for the slot.  This will help to ensure that the lefty-progressive vote is not split as it was during the recent council seat by-election, won by Hector Bremner of the NPA with 27% of the vote.
As Patrick Johnston writes in PostMedia outlet the Vancouver Sun:

Party co-chair Sheena Sargeant said Vision will likely endorse an independent candidate for mayor. It’s all about keeping the Non-Partisan Association away from leadership.
“There has been a lot of talk about the need for Vancouver’s progressive parties to work together to keep the NPA out of office. With this in mind, we’re creating an opportunity to collaborate with other parties for an independent or partisan mayoral candidate to seek the support of our members,” she said.


  1. Why are they so frantic about keeping the NPA from leadership? Vision has been a developer funded party that caters to developers, just like the NPA used to do. The only difference is the greenwashing veneer they spread over it.

    1. Seems the Vision party is more interested at defeating the NPA by any means (and don’t care if it is Bremner or Coupar), than proposing a “vision” for the next 4 years…

  2. This time around Vision does not have a Sugar Daddy splashing cash over a favorite candidate, as they had before.

    1. Neither does any other party, thanks to the NDP government that eliminated large political donations.
      This is what a level playing field looks like.

  3. Ms. Sylvester brings really good qualities for a mayor – namely bringing people together to solve complex issues. Her relationship with other parties in the past should not be that important, especially since big money will have less influence.

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