Built as part of Expo 86 in Vancouver, this now-decrepit Plaza and its defunct casino are the subject of a renewal proposal under the Northeast False Creek Plan.

Rezoning Application – 750 Pacific Boulevard (Northeast False Creek Sub-area 6B — Plaza of Nations)

The City of Vancouver has received a development proposal to amend CD-1 (349) (Comprehensive Development) District for Northeast False Creek Sub-area 6B (Plaza of Nations) at 750 Pacific Boulevard. The proposal is to rezone and develop the 10.28-acre site into a mixed-use development based on the Northeast False Creek Plan, including:

* a variety of terracing buildings up to 30 storeys;
* commercial uses;
* residential uses;
* social housing;
* civic facilities, including a community centre, ice rink, music presentation centre and a 69-space childcare facility; and
* a new community plaza and seawall.

In case you missed the 3 open house events, you can comment ONLINE.
Things to note:  20% social housing, internal street with “..  parking to support retail”.
Thanks to Frances Bula for the heads up.


  1. And after several open houses and several “iterations” it looks just about the same. Huge minus points for the new service/access road that slices the new plaza off of the seawall. Just how can this travesty have made it this far along?
    Big plus points that it hides a lot of the new Parq complex.

  2. Yes, there are hits and misses with this one. Pluses – the continuous Seawall – at last! – framing the BC Place roof structure, terracing, different approach to massing. Minus – that very long wall along the southerly property line next to the existing condos. Whatever happened to neighbourliness, James?

  3. I see much I like here but I admit, I’d feared the worst so my expectations were low. I like that we still will have a sight line to BC Place and my key gripes are in there: has a bike path, bike parking, a community centre, lots of green, and I do prefer the sloped roofs for light.. the main negative I see is that road,.. why? What has our city got against pedestrian friendly shopping? Nothing,.. when we build it,.. people come… I think a nice wide open pedestrian area that allows commercial vehicles in to drop goods would draw more customers than the lack of parking would drive away.

    1. Plaza of condos! Great wall of terraced microsuites! What else. The two symetrical rectangular greenspaces. I’m done now.

  4. Similar short stretches of road paralleling the seawall pathways can be seen at Marinaside, Olympic Village, Coal Harbour and Concord’s NEFC plans.
    I suspect that it may be intended to allow handicapped and seniors access to restaurants and businesses in the area.

  5. WRT the built form…
    If they didn’t have the building wings that parallel Pacific Blvd (the bottom of the U of each U-shaped building), there would be much better viewing angles of the Northern Lights Display at BC Place.

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