We watch Vancouver’s NPA with great interest as a movement of new faces with strong ideas knocks on the fusty dusty old door. This, I believe, is what a shakeup looks like, as we head slowly towards the October civic election that looks like it will transform City Council here in Vancouver, and may just transform the city itself.
Here’s Julian Prieto, tossing his hat into the NPA’s nomination contest. And, as with several others, showing a laser-like focus on housing. It’s a pretty good example of how a serious social problem can draw people into the political realm to try and take action.  And shuck the old partisan divisions along the way.
Mr. Prieto looks to work for increased housing supply via zoning changes, in concert with increased public transportation infrastructure as ways to help improve livability and reduce car dependency through people living close to work. A by-now familiar set of ideas a.k.a. urban density.
These ideas are a far cry from the NPA’s previous platform urging traffic light synchronization and rush-hour counterflow lanes as the only available solutions to traffic problems.
Meanwhile, the old guard of the NPA, while driving in from Dunbar, chanting the ritual curses against any and all bike lanes, doubtlessly looks at these new faces and wonders: what the hell is happening; do we really want to ride this bus; and why is the NPA getting this attention.
If this keeps up, I may have to chuck my preference to not be a joiner, pay my bucks to the NPA and help vote these young people into a position to win a council seat.  Lord, talk about change.

Let’s Fix Housing In Vancouver [Click for 2 min video]


  1. Well, you can’t say there aren’t two very contrasting visions for the NPA. And should the “young guns” prevail it will be interesting to see how they co-exist with the incumbent candidates.
    Okay, one of the incumbents.
    You know the one.

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