From John Graham:

State Street in Santa Barbara

Yes, there are no people because it is raining—about enough to raise a shrug in Vancouver. But the real thing missing is parking. And in its place, fabulous street landscape and furniture. All parking is away in lots or under buildings or down side streets.


  1. Hydro/telephone poles. Compare with the previous post “When a Greenway Gets Pink” and the recently redone sidewalk area with brand new power poles blighting the landscape. San Diego is following this plan, in that it has a 100 year plan to place all power poles underground!

  2. Yes, State Street Santa Barbara is very pleasant. This is also hard-core touristville. The photo was taken outside Saks OFF 5th and looks across to the Semler Building, which houses the Palazzio pizza joint. Immediately across the street is the Chase Bar and Grill, also serving Italian fare. Behind the building is just one of the many parking lots. This is the City of Santa Barbara Parking Lot #8. First 75 minutes parking free.
    “Downtown Parking – City of Santa Barbara
    The Downtown Parking Program operates in partnership with the Downtown
    Community to increase the economic viability of the Downtown Business District
    while sustaining and enhancing its historical and livable qualities. City staff
    maintains nine parking lots and five parking structures with a total of over 3,000
    parking …”
    This is not a neighbourhood strip, it’s international. Cars are welcome.

  3. State Street in Santa Barbara is a great place to wander, eat and shop. It’s true that there is lots of parking all around. I guess the car is still welcome there. In fact, all modes of transport seem welcome.
    I found this on the city web site.
    With so much to do in downtown your schedule will be packed. Luckily, getting from one thing to the next isn’t a chore and there are transportation options for every kind of visitor. Make the most of the sunny weather and fresh air by walking through downtown or riding the miles upon miles of bike paths that run throughout the city. Tour the town on two wheels by renting a bike or bringing your own, and don’t forget to grab a Santa Barbara County Bike Map, available at local bike shops, the Downtown Santa Barbara Visitor Center or as a downloadable app.
    If you need a lift but want to stay car free, downtown has a number of choices. Public transportation options are as varied as the places they can take you and include busses, open-air trollies and pedicabs. For those who want to drive, the city has nine parking lots and five parking structures with more than 3,000 parking stalls. You can also track real-time parking availability.

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