A cold Sunday in March, time to check out the new, improved South False Creek Seawall in Vancouver. It’s fabulous.  For me, the biggest improvement is for people on foot — no longer sharing a busy narrow space with people on bikes.

For me, what was once a 1975 design, a narrow shared path, rough-on-the hands, weaving among knots of people on foot, is now a smooth separated path where I can  enjoy a unique and spectacular place.

It’s a real improvement, and all thanks to a multi-year effort involving major consultations with all involved groups of people who use this space.

Things to note:  new cherry trees, lighting, more benches. Mode separation. At least one formerly inhospitable space transformed into something much more welcoming.

More on the project HERE.  And photos below.

As usual, click on any photo to see a slide show of larger versions.