Barclay Heritage Square in the West End showcases the neighbourhood’s first stage of architectural development: grand houses from the 1890s to 1910s.
The original intent was to demolish everything on the block from Barclay to Haro, Nicola to Broughton, for more park space.  But thanks to heritage advocates, led by Janet Bingham, the combination of heritage homes, non-market housing and open space provides a better legacy for the future.
But there is one view from Barclay Square that will soon be lost, which in its way is also a dynamic expression of this city’s past:

The Empire Landmark, now empty, will be drilled apart floor by floor, to be replaced by two condo towers and non-market housing.  The Landmark was opened in 1973 and lasted 44 years; Barclay Manor was built in 1890 and will still be there.


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