1. It is inevitable, but I have more faith in self-driving cars than I do multi-tasking, distracted humans. in the US, pedestrian deaths are climbing and I suspect distracted driving is part of the problem.

  2. Big differences; humans are directly accountable for their errors. Besides, any faith-based beliefs must be summarily dismissed.

  3. It is inevitable. Self driving cars are still cars and the laws of physics apply. Though in this case the cause may well have just been that Uber is a terrible corner cutting dumpster fire of a company that deployed insufficiently tested technology with insufficient safeguards.
    I hope more ethical and responsible companies will allow self driving cars to realize their promise of being significantly less dangerous than human driven cars and reduce the massive carnage we have today.
    They’ll still be cars, they’ll still be less good than walking, cycling, buses, and trains in many circumstances. But if they save hundreds of thousands of people per year from serious injury and death I’ll put up with them.

  4. The price of progress ..
    btw: Where is Uber in Vancouver? At least we don’t have to worry about driverless Uber cars killing anyone anytime soon here. If Uber takes 10 years to be approved here from its inception, driverless car use will take at least 20 or 30. Let’s re-discuss AVs in 2045 on this blog, please.
    btw: I am an optimist ..

  5. The victims name is Elaine Herzberg a cyclist pushing her bike across a street at mid block in Tempe Arizona. Tragically she has become the first human being on foot killed by an A.I. operated robot on wheels. She has a name, unlike the ones who in the future will be known as statistics and compared to the other statistics (the ones killed by human drivers).

  6. There was a human sitting in the driver seat and could have overridden the AV. Unfortunately, this human was just as fallible as other humans and did not see the victim in time. I believe that they are introducing AVs without human controls in some US cities.

  7. Even with AV, a car is still a car and a human body is still a human body. When or if cities are ever truly designed for humans, the differences will have to be mitigated.

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