Brush up on the wonderful weirdness of Vancouver’s past and upcoming civic election scene.

Cambie.ReportThe Cambie Report podcast:  Episode 1. (A rambling, fun and informative 1:03).

Ballot goofiness; Parks Board; UBC governance; alphabet roulette; ward wariness; why do we have a highly partisan party that calls itself the Non Partisan party; the losing days of bike lane haze; manhole covers; power sharing strategies; vote blocking; South Asian candidates; party prospects in 2018; inter-party agreements; dancing chickens; emerging Green ascendancy; OneCity rising; who’s got the money; group branding (Vision, Green, OneCity — a lefty coalition); the achievement gap–  balancing promises and problems and results; prospects in a change election for the NPA, watching their internal civil war including Bremnerization; rise of the millennial friend-pod; the open and fresh feeling for October 2018; the Mayor’s race – the chorus of “not me”; waiting for coalitions to emerge; equity slates.