The NPA won a council seat by running Hector Bremner in the recent by-election.  He’s now an NPA mayoral hopeful. I scraped his web site and produced a word cloud from it.
This helps reinforce the obvious — that so far, the hot topic in the October 2018 civic election is housing. Except for the other NPA mayoral hopeful, Mr. Chernen, whose focus on housing is quite low.
Words missing from Mr. Bremner’s platform statements are:  active (transportation), climate, pipeline, bike, bicycle, walk, pedestrian and green.  These words appear infrequently:  pre-zoning (3), transit (1).
Mr. Bremner continues to advocate for major zoning changes: “Taking the lid off the city, with . . .a citywide plan that pre-zones areas for middleclass families and economic development.”  There are probably a few devils lurking in the details behind the vaguely bureaucratic term “pre-zoning”.
He also seems to think the current Broadway subway plan calls for it to extend to UBC:  “They’re planning a Broadway Skytrain line to UBC, yet they vote against building housing close to where people work or go to school.” 

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