Dear old Price Tags has posted several candidates’ statements for the upcoming Vancouver Council election in October.  They make good reading.
But what ideas and issues bubble to the top when the messages’ words get run through an analysis program?  What do they think this election is about?
After excluding things like “Vancouver” and “City”, what remains gives a clue as to what is top-of-mind for this group of candidates.   Do note the words “bike” and “bicycle” appear once only, and don’t make the cut for inclusion.  “Climate” does not appear at all. Neither do “pipeline” or “green”.


  1. Are you implying that the NPA fighting the next election over bike lanes isn’t a winning strategy? 😉

      1. Maybe some of them are finally seeing the light, that that strategy didn’t work in the last few elections and likely won’t this time either. Sadly, some current NPA councillors (hello Melissa), still don’t get it.

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