Allison Arieff in her New York Times signature style  nails the conversation down on why Autonomous Vehicles can certainly drive themselves, but may also serve to just further congest our cities.
The twentieth century has been about technological advances in machines and speed, and that has spilled over in how streets are used and occupied. Streets in the early 1900’s were part of  public life, where people sat on porches and stoops, meandered across streets, and used streets for all modes of transportation from foot, horse to rail tram. It was only when the automobile became popular were other activities on streets relegated to unfortunate raised sidewalk streets while motordom reigned supreme.
Despite car manufacturer’s utopian vision of autonomous vehicles providing freedom from the chore of actually driving the car, lessening accidents and providing seamless access to places, one twentieth century reality will remain~these are still vehicles, and vehicles choke city streets.
Ms. Arieff’s video is here on this link.


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